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FAIREX Global Management Consulting is a leading firm of highly qualified

advisors specialized in all major business industries around the globe.

We focus on advisory services in the areas of corporate responsibility

and sustainable development. Specialties include: Sustainability strategy and

reporting; responsible competitiveness; materiality assessment; stakeholder

engagement; corporate responsibility; sustainable development research.

Our multi-disciplinary team of senior practitioners has an excellent track record

after building up decades of experience at the most renowned consulting firms.

This pedigree means we have one of the longest-serving teams

in all main industries, with continual service since the nineties.

It’s the reason why our firm is trusted by clients ranging from investors,

developers and property owners, to governments and NGOs,

corporate operators, private businesses and trusts.

Each of us is singularly focused on the sector we love:

this passion elevates the quality of all our work!

Whether we are creating a tourism master plan for  a whole Country,

a corporate development strategy or a feasibility study for a new mall

or oil rig, you get highly experienced advisors who have

expertise and discipline honed during years at global firms.

FAIREX, a bespoke global management consultancy, offers you

something that the big players can’t always offer: affordability. 

We set up FAIREX in 2008, observing that many companies operating

in different industries were in deep distress and facing insolvency,

as a result of the still-ongoing economic downturn.

So, as experts in business recovery, we offer our professional support

drawing up ad hoc recovery plans able to save these companies,

successfully creating new business that brings value to them.

We offer the high-quality strategic and transformational services

you would expect from a larger firm, but without the overheads.

Yet you still get the same quality controls and governance structures,

all backed up by proven methodologies and a firm grounding

in operational and financial detail.

We’re small enough to be agile, yet we have a network of

Associates that allows us to scale up when we need to.

We can create strategies for corporate expansion or diversification,

brand strategies for new businesses concepts, and in business recovery.

Combining the breadth of our international knowledge

with an approachable style and the latest industry thinking,

FAIREX Global Management Consulting can hit the ground running,

taking ownership of projects and deliver

excellent results at cost-effective fee rates.

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