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S E C T O R : s e c o n d a r y
B u s i n e s s :  chemicals
a n d
p h a r m a c e u t i c a l s

All Fairex Global Management Consulting partners are employing

CYMMAS™ techniques, the most effective and powerful tool

for the growth of all Secondary Sector's businesses.


CYMMAS™ (Corporate Yield Maximization Marketing Advanced Strategy)

is a patented technique exclusively employed by Fairex partners.

It's an incredibly powerful and effective tool,

based on a new way to broadly apply holistic marketing

strategies and techniques to Secondary Sector's businesses.

Applied to Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals businesses, CYMMAS™ techniques

often lead rapidly to a double-to-triple-digit sales increase, despite a tough business environment, at the same time tremendously reducing all costs,

with the result of an incredibly high increase of company's net profit.

But also the quality of services and products will be hugely improved.

Indeed, Fairex Consulting is a customer-centered company,

and customer satisfaction is both a goal and a marketing tool.

Nowadays, as never before, companies need to be especially concerned

with their customer satisfaction level, because the Internet provides a tool for consumers

to quickly spread both good and bad word of mouth to the rest of the world.

CYMMAS™ offers you new possibilities to stand out in the crowd,

thanks to its unique way to holistically apply the most advanced marketing techniques,

together with the use of new exclusive financial and marketing indexes:


Thanks to CYMMAS™ techniques, Fairex Consulting can certainly

lead your company a few years ahead of the competition!





Global market research

Regional market research

Local market research
Brand research and analysis
Competitors' analysis
Market expectations
Local HR market research





Concept definition
Product definition
Operations process
Feasibility studies
Sustainability studies
Risk analysis
Individual development




Revenue forecasting
Operational costs forecasting
Return on Investment analysis
Operational model
Budget analysis over 5-10 years
Cash-flow analysis
Activity plan

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