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F o r    y o u r    c o f f e e    s h o p    o r    I C E - c r e a m    s h o p

All Fairex partners are employing FABYMMAS™ techniques,

the most effective and powerful tool for the growth of Food & Beverage Industry businesses.

Each business has specific needs, although they belong to the same Industry.

Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pastry shops, Bakeries,

Coffee shops, Ice-cream shops, Catering Companies, Pubs:

they might be considered, at first glance, similar among them,

but still there are important differences between them

that only an expert and specialized consultant

can identify and exploit.

That’s why Fairex Consulting offers tailored, ad hoc solutions

for all these different enterprises, even if they all

belong to the Food and Beverage Industry.

Let's consider, for example, a Coffee Shop:

the long and exausting shifts; the marketing strategies necessary

to attract the more and more demanding customers;

the high profit margins that coffee products usually offer,

but only with extremely large sales volume.

modern, seductive and up-to date logo, forniture, and services: 

all these - just to mention a few - are quite different details

if compared to those of a catering company or a pub.


Our advisory services, specifically dedicated to Coffee Shops,

include project planning, project realization and business support,

with a comprehensive approach, from conceptualization and development,

through to realization of global F&B Industry projects.

Our full range of services provide unique knowledge on the management of

F&B industry professionals, securing sustainable returns for your investments. 

Bespoke and complete set of services, to add value to, and help

defining the creation of new F&B concepts, business models or plans.

Step by step guidance for our client’s project, from the planning though to the

pre- and post-opening, to ensure that investors understand how to manage

relationships with F&B professionals, and to advise on the long term strategies

which will yield sustainable results for their business or project.





Global market research

Regional market research

Local market research

F&B products' concept
Brand research and analysis
Competitors' analysis
Market expectations
Local HR market research





Concept definition
Product definition
Operations process
Feasibility studies
Sustainability studies
Risk analysis
Individual development
Destination development




Revenue forecasting
Operational costs forecasting
Return on Investment analysis
Operational model
Budget analysis over 5 years
Budget analysis over 10 years
Cash-flow analysis
Activity plan


FABYMMAS™ (Food and Beverage Yield Maximization Marketing Advanced Strategy)

is a patented technique exclusively employed by Fairex partners.

It's an incredibly powerful and effective tool,

based on a new way to broadly apply holistic marketing strategies

and techniques to the Food & Beverage Industry establishments:

Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pastry Shops, Bakeries,

Coffee Shops, Catering Companies, and Pubs.

FABYMMAS™ techniques often lead rapidly to

a double-to-triple-digit sales increase, despite a tough business environment,

at the same time tremendously reducing all costs, with the result of

an incredibly high increase of company's net profit.

But also the quality of services will be hugely improved.

Indeed, Fairex is a customer-centered company,

and customer satisfaction is both a goal and a marketing tool.

Nowadays, as never before, companies need to be especially concerned

with their customer satisfaction level, because the Internet provides a tool for consumers

to quickly spread both good and bad word of mouth to the rest of the world.

FABYMMAS™ offers you new possibilities to stand out in the crowd,

thanks to its unique way to holistically apply the most advanced marketing techniques,

together with the use of new exclusive financial and marketing indexes:


Thanks to FABYMMAS™ techniques, Fairex can certainly lead your company

a few years ahead of the competition!

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