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All Fairex partners are using  CYDARMAS™ techniques,

the most effective and powerful tool for improving and developing Countries, Cities, Territorial Entities, and NGOs.

Our advisory services listed below have been notably conceived to

world-widely launch your location, your City, your Country, or your NGO,

dramatically improving and spreading the reputation and diffusion of them.

Applying CYDARMAS™ techniques, even a Country can be easily considered as a "product" to be launched in the world, thanks to highly effective territorial marketing strategies aimed to obtain the development of a depressed territory, or the

strengthening and stabilization of locations still little known to the rest of the world.

One example out of them all, extremely relevant, is the policy recently pursued

by Dubai, aimed to move its oil-based economy toward a tourism-based economy,

thanks to the application of a massive and well-conceived territorial marketing strategy, that led it to become one of the most visited places in the world.

Our strategies include project planning, project realization and business support,

with a comprehensive approach, from conceptualization and development,

through to realization of global territory projects.




Global market research

Regional market research

Local market research
Brand research

Brand analysis
Competitors' analysis
World expectations
Local Human Resources training





Country concept definition
Country product definition
Operations process
Feasibility studies
Sustainability studies
Risk analysis
Territory development




Country revenue forecasting
Operational costs forecasting
Return on Investment analysis
Country operational model
Budget analysis over 5 years
Budget analysis over 10 years
Cash-flow analysis
Territory activity plan

CYDARMAS™ (Country Yield, Diffusion, And Reputation Marketing Advanced Strategy)

is a patented technique exclusively employed by Fairex partners.

It's an incredibly powerful and effective tool, based on a new way to broadly employ

holistic marketing strategies and techniques for the development of any territorial entity:

a Country, a city, a prospective location or attraction, as well as NGOs.

We should be very interested in the future, for that is where

we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

That's why you should concern about the future development of your Country or city.

We know well that predicting is difficult, especially about the future!

With CYDARMAS™ techniques, we offer you the right tools and new possibilities

to stand out in the crowd, thanks to its unique way to holistically apply the most advanced

marketing techniques, specifically studied for developing territorial entities, and NGOs.

Thanks to CYDARMAS™ techniques, Fairex can certainly lead

your Country, city or NGO a few years ahead of the world competition!

CYDARMAS™: the shape of the world to come!

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